With this Farmerama Hack v.5.0 you can easily get Barnyard Bills instead paying real money for them. You just need to enter your username and enter the desired amount of Barnyard Bills and press on “Add Barnyard Bills” button. Then your bills should have been added to your Farmerama account.

Here is the screenshot of the Farmerama Hack v.5.0:

How to use this Farmerama Hack and get free Barnyard bills:


Follow this instruction to get Barnyard Bills:

1. Download the Faremerama Hack v.5.0:

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2. Log out from your Farmerama account

3. Unrar the file and start the Farmerama Hack v.5.0

4. Enter your username and desired amount of Barnyard Bills

5. Press on “Add Barnyard Bills” button

6. Your Bills should now have been added, if not try to refresh your browser


If for some reason you get .NET Framework error try installing new which you can find in Help section.