If you are playing Pirate101 than you probably know that it would be nice to have a Pirate101 crown generator which generates crowns for free instead paying for them. Well, today we present you new, working, and 100% clean Pirate101 Hack!

With this hack you can easily add Crown to your account, and all that for FREE! You just need to enter your Pirate101 username and select desired amount of Crowns. As soon as you click on the “Add Crowns” button the Crowns should be added to your account. If not try to logout and login again.

Here is the screenshot of this Pirate101 Hack:

Here is also a video proof:


1. Enter your Pirate101 Username

2. Select the amount of Crowns you would like to add

3. Click on the “Add Crowns” button

4. Your crowns should now be added. If not restart the game


Download links:

download pirate101 hack crown generator

download pirate101 hack crown generator

If you have any errors consider installing this .NET Framework from Help section.